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Have you ever thought that crocodile is the scariest animal on earth? Have you seen it anywhere along the river bank or any other places? Have you ever imagined how fierce it looks when its hungry? It's undescribable because crocodile is the most terrifying animal I would have wanted to come across.

Welcome to Miri Crocodile Farm

Miri Crocodile Farm is located at Kuala Baram, a 25 minutes drive from the Miri city.  It is the first and the largest crocodile farm in northern region of Sarawak. I have made a trip to the farm before the new year 2011. I am surprise that there are still more protected crocodiles at the farm. Upon arrival at the farm, we are welcomed by a lizard. I think that is really interesting. It is the first animal seen at the site.

As I step out the car, a lizard is moving slowly on the grass. I don't scare it at all.

The farm is open everyday from Monday to Sunday at 0900 hours until 1800 hours. So, if you are from Brunei, you can make a stop at the farm because it is just a few minutes drive to Sungai Tujoh, Miri-Brunei border. Before we enter the farm, we are requested to show our identity card (I.C) and to pay entrance fee for RM5 per adult and RM3 per child. 
Identity Card required before entering the farm

Precautions! Please ensure you do not try to get nearer to the crocodile. Be aware of all sign boards at the site.

Crocodile santuary - Beware
Watch out! Do not try to feed the crocodile.

How many species of crocodiles do you know? There are three types of crocodilians known as alligator, crocodile and ghavial. I can't identify or distinguish these three crocodilians but there are physical differences that we can notice. Just look at the crocs head. A Crocodile has a longer snout. An Alligator has a shorter and broader head than the crocodile. A Ghavial has the longest and the thinest snout amongst the the three.

Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) & Malayan Gharial (Tamistoma Schlegelii)

A mini zoo can be found here too. Do not miss to watch some exotic animals such as Porcupines, Monkeys, Phython, Gibbon, Binturong, Southern Cassowary, Sun Bear and more here.

Gteater Fruit Bat - Large Flying Fox


 Crackle or Hill Myna

 Brown Fish Owl



Binturong or Bearcat

Sun Bear

Sheep and goats can be found here too. If you have not seen a deer before, this is just a right place for you to sneak peek on the animal.

Sambar Deer

Cassowary Bird
A bird with sharp-toed feet and vestgial wings - Recognised as "The World Most Dangerous Bird" by Guiness World Record

Wild Turkey

Wow! It's been an educating short tour inside the mini zoo. There are also cute tiny animals to friend with such as the squirrel, palm civet, rabbit and birds.
The Red Squirrel

Palm Civet

Rabbit - Moving around freely

Little bird

Tiny birds are singing

The farm and mini is well maintained by workers here. Animals are fed according to their schedules. The scenery here is quite interesting too. You can also have a sit for a drink.

If you believe in making wishes, you can throw some coins into the "Wishing Well" at the entrance gate.

The Wishing Well

A mother with her child - Throw a coin to make your wish

Crocodile - The last glance during our trip
 If you can't make a trip to the National Zoo in Peninsular Malaysia, I think you will be able to visit the Miri Crocodile Farm. It only takes approximately an hour to make a tour inside the mini zoo. Do spend some times with your family or friends to visit and learn about these exotic animals.

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